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Over the past 20 years, more than 350 technical papers and scientific investigations have been written regarding salinity in the Victorian Mallee.

A workshop hosted by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) in Mildura on May 30, 2012 invited leading hydrogeologists to present a summary of key pieces of work that have informed our understanding of salinity to date. The workshop papers document the technical presentations made and provide a reference for those involved and/or interested in salinity management in the Mallee region.

These papers also acknowledge the robust relationships developed between scientists, community members and policy makers over the years and their contribution to developing salinity management responses.


Mallee Salinity Workshop May 30, 2013


Executive Summary

1. Geology and hydrogeology - Ray Evans (SKM)

2. Floodplain processes - Ray Evans, Greg Hoxley and Keith Collett (SKM)

3. Salt Interception Schemes and in-stream processes - Andrew Telfer, Rob Burnell and Allison Charles (AWE)

4. Dryland salinity drivers and processes - John Fawcett (SKM)

5. The irrigation footprint Sunraysia - Tim Cummins (Tim Cummins and Associates) and Charles Thompson (RM Consulting Group)

6. Drainage - Charles Thompson with input from Keith Collett (SKM) and Tim Cummins (Tim Cummins and Associates)

7. Key Tools (strengths and weaknesses) - Hugh Middlemis (RPS Aquaterra)

8. Policy and regulatory environment - Charles Thompson (RM Consulting Group) and Tim Cummins (Tim Cummins and Associates)

9. Community involvement - Tim Cummins (Tim Cummins and Associates) with input from Charles Thompson (RM Consulting Group)

Further reading

Interaction between Groundwater Surface Systems in Northern Victoria - Dr Phil Macumber.


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