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Watering Hattah Lakes

Environmental water will be pumped into Hattah Lakes to top up the existing water in the Hattah Lakes system to reach the floodplain surrounding the lakes. Water is scheduled to be pumped into Hattah Lakes in late May 2014 and will continue for a number of months. Approximately half of the water delivered will be returned to the River Murray, with water releases expected to be completed by November 2014.

This will water Black Box trees and other vegetation on higher sections of floodplain that haven’t been inundated for some time, and also deliver water to Lake Kramen.

This watering will top up the water delivered in late 2013 and will deliver water to the lakes during cooler weather, when less evaporation will occur, achieving the maximum environmental benefits possible for the lakes.

Ecological monitoring will be undertaken to measure the environmental outcome of the watering event.

Access to some areas of Hattah-Kulkyne National Park may be limited during the watering event, particularly from July to October 2014. Affected areas include the Mournpall Track and Chalka Creek Track. Click here for a map indicating areas that may be affected.

The water pumped into Hattah Lakes is allocated environmental water provided by the Commonwealth, Victoria and The Living Murray entitlements. This environmental water is released from upstream storages in addition to normal river releases and flows down the River Murray to the pumps at Hattah Lakes, where it is then pumped into the lakes.

Therefore, river flows downstream from Hattah to around Red Cliffs may appear lower than flows upstream of Hattah Lakes.

Delivery of water to Hattah Lakes does not affect other river users’ access to water.

To find out more contact the Mallee Catchment Management Authority
on 03 5051 4377 or  follow us on Twitter: @HattahLakes and/or @MalleeCMA.

Alternatively click here for a map indicating areas that may be affected.

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