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2018-19 Victorian Landcare Grants

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Applications are now open for 2018-19 Victorian Landcare Grants Program. The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has received a $180,000 share of the Victorian Governments Victorian Landcare Grants Program for this financial year.

The Victorian Government has provided the funding for local Landcare and community natural resource management groups to finance projects that will benefit the health of the region’s land, water and biodiversity.

The grants program aims to provide funding for these groups to undertake on-ground works that contribute to the improvement and protection of the region’s natural resources.

Eligible projects include: revegetation, riparian and wetland restoration, salinity plantings, remnant vegetation protection works and invasive pest animal and plant control.

Recipients must be incorporated, insured and not-for-profit community based natural resource management groups such as Landcare groups and networks, or friends of groups.

Applications must be received at the Mallee CMA by 12.00 noon Tuesday 12 June 2018.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Mallee CMA Regional Landcare Coordinator, Marissa Shean on 0409 615 846.

Applications can be made online at: DELWP Mallee18-19 VLG

Guidelines are available at: 2018-19 Victorian Landcare Grants Regional Guidelines

Mallee CMA Cultural Heritage and OH&S requirements (click here to download a copy of this information)

Occupational Health and Safety – Protecting your group and ensuring the safety of your fellow volunteers.

You need to make sure you have a safe system of work in place for your project to protect the health and safety of your group, volunteers and anyone else on your project site.

The Mallee CMA now maintains an online registry for OH&S compliance for all suppliers and grant recipients. This system is known as ‘Rapid Induct’ and all funding recipients must register and be deemed OH&S compliant on this system before any funding allocations are made. Failure to comply with this requirement will mean forfeiture of any successful grants and funds will be withdrawn.

Every Landcare group in the Mallee region has previously received an OH&S folder from the Mallee CMA and requested it be maintained for all group activities. This folder contains all the required forms and documentation that need to be kept current by your group for all activities which you received funding for from the Mallee CMA. If you are unable to locate this folder, or are a new applicant group, you can request a copy of this documentation or other information from the Mallee CMA Regional Landcare Coordinator, Marissa Shean on 0409 615 846.

Managing cultural heritage together – How Mallee CMA supports Landcare Volunteers to meet their obligations under state law. 

Mallee CMA will support Landcare groups to comply with their obligations under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 to minimise harm to Aboriginal cultural heritage. 

All successful grant applications will be sent to the Mallee CMA where our staff will undertake an initial assessment (i.e. each proposal will be assessed for likely disturbance to the soil and mapping overlays will be used to assess the potential impact of the work on areas of known cultural sensitivity). 

The outcome of this review will inform where works can proceed, sites that need to be avoided, or where extra care may be required. For projects that have the potential to affect areas of cultural sensitivity, Mallee CMA staff will print maps and meet on-site with volunteers and contractors to discuss how works can be undertaken to minimise harm to culturally sensitive areas.

This approach aims to reduce time and financial burden on Landcare volunteers while maintaining a best practice approach to ensuring Aboriginal cultural heritage is not damaged in the process of carrying out important on-ground works. Mallee CMA recognises the importance of works carried out by Landcare Groups in the Mallee and the capacity for these works to help reduce the impact of pest plants and animals on culturally sensitive areas. 

Further information on obligations to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage can be found here:

General Information

Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006

Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007

Further information can be obtained by contacting the Mallee CMA Regional Landcare Coordinator, Marissa Shean on 0409 615 846.

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