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Salinity Accountability

An important component of the Regional Sustainability program concerns salinity accountability and the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Basin Salinity Management Strategy.

The focus of the Basin Salinity Management Strategy is ensuring that for every new action that puts salt into the Murray River there is another action that reduces salinity impacts by the same amount. This ensures that salinity of the Murray River is kept within acceptable limits, with the water being usable and within health standards for all of us, including downstream users.

The main action within the region that contributes salt to the river is new irrigation development, while the main actions that reduce salt impacts are salt interception schemes. Actions and the associated salt impacts are tracked regionally by the Mallee Salt Disposal Entitlements Register which is structured similarly to the debits and credits systems that operate in accounting. This register mirrors those used by Victoria and the Murray Darling Basin Authority. 

Projects and activities arising from the Regional Sustainability Program that are related to salinity accountability include:

  • Supporting Sunraysia salt interception focusing on a no borders approach
  • Maintaining the Victorian Mallee Salt Disposal Entitlements Register
  • Conducting five year reviews of items or actions listed on the Victorian Mallee Salt Disposal Entitlements Register
  • Supporting the Victorian Salt Disposal Working Group
  • Managing Salt Disposal Entitlement levy funds


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