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Monitoring & Evaluation

The Land Resources Program delivers several monitoring and evaluation projects at both the local and regional level. Activities are designed to capture practice and attitude change within the dryland agricultural landscape; as well as the incidence and impact of key threatening processes.

For further information on monitoring and evaluation activities delivered by the Land Resources Program please select from the list below:

The Mallee Soil Erosion and Land Management Survey commenced in 1978 as a means to assess land management practices and the degree to which erosion was occurring on dryland agricultural land in the region.  Data has been collected annually over the past 30 years.

The survey is currently conducted three times a year with in-paddock measurement undertaken at approximately 160 sites for the assessment of current management phase, erosion risk (vegetation cover & soil dry aggregates) and livestock presence.

Social Research on Dryland Cropping Practices has provided insight into the complex reasons influencing choice of farming systems and associated management practices across the Mallee.  Key findings identified that farmers have significantly reduced their tillage levels in the past five years and that the major factors influencing this decision have been increased productivity and soil protection.

To download a Technical Bulletin on Social Research on Dryland Cropping Practices click here.


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