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Environmental Management Action Planning (EMAP)

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Environmental Management Action Planning (EMAP) is a skills, knowledge and planning program  tailored to Mallee farmers. Based on local environmental and agricultural issues, the program helps farmers to plan and carry out works to increase the sustainability, productivity and profitability of their farm.

The program is built around a series of workshops on local natural resource management issues which are further supported by one-on-one case management and follow up farm visits. The workshops and farm visits equip farmers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to plan and carry out actions that improve the environmental condition of their property. These actions include targeted on-ground works and broader changes in management practices that aim to improve the farm’s natural values, the health of its soils and the running of the farm business. 

After landholders complete EMAP they can enter the graduate program where they receive on-going support, including links to technical advice and available funding, to help them complete their planned actions. The graduate program also involves follow up training through workshops and field days. 

EMAP graduates then have the chance to review their plans every three to four years, to ensure their plans remain relevant and up to date.

In eight years EMAP has achieved:

  • 1.1 million hectares of land covered by plans - 46 per cent of agricultural land in the Mallee
  • 497 farming families have taken part in the program
  • Over 2,000 maps produced
  • More than 110 workshops held
  • Delivered across seven target areas
  • Landholders have mapped over 7,900 works
  • Proposed works cover over 200,000 hectares, 2,890 kilometres and 860 sites on private land

‘The story so far...- Helping farmers plan for a sustainable and productive future and create positive change on their properties booklet outlines the background, delivery and achievements of the program.  

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