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Indigenous Engagement

The Victorian Mallee includes some very important cultural heritage sites, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. It is important to preserve these significant sites. Mallee communities need to understand them better if we are to meet this challenge.

Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy Goal

To protect cultural heritage and significant landscape sites and to manage the risks to all sites.

Natural Assets

More than 3,800 Aboriginal archaeological sites in the Mallee are recorded on the Aboriginal Affairs Victoria site register, but the non-Aboriginal community is still learning to understand where these are most likely to occur. The location of such sites is strongly influenced by flooding regime and water availability. The boundary between non-alluvial areas and alluvial areas is particularly important.

Aboriginal cultural heritage sites and places are protected under the Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Protection Act 1972 and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984.

Approximately 52 sites in the Mallee are recorded on the Register of the National Estate. Several more sites are recorded on the Victorian Heritage Register. This strategy concentrates on cultural and heritage sites in the landscape that are potentially vulnerable to threats such as pest plants and animals, altered flooding regimes, land and water salinisation, water quality pollution, wind erosion, changing land use, recreational pressures and altered fire regimes.

The Mallee CMA has commenced a process of engagement and consultation with Indigenous communities and stakeholders in the Mallee. A major concern for these groups is the proper protection of sites with cultural heritage significance.


Indigenous cultural heritage training

Program Objectives

Core projects comprising the Cultural Heritage Program will contribute towards:

  • a continuous process of identification of cultural sites, especially in priority areas;

  • all sites at high risk protected from threatening processes, and reinstatement activities undertaken for damaged sites.

The Living Murray Indigenous Facilitator - Mildura

Ken Stewart works with Indigenous stakeholders across northern Victoria to ensure Aboriginal knowledge, cultural values and perspectives are incorporated into The Living Murray Program.

For more information download the fact sheet Living Murray Indigenous Facilitator
or contact the Mallee CMA on 03 5051 4377

The "Mallee Indigenous News" newsletter is published quarterly by the Mallee CMA in an effort to help keep Indigenous stakeholders up to date with work that is being done to protect and improve environmental assets in our region.

This newsletter will be one way people can find out information on projects the authority is working on and ways they can be involved. The newsletter will also include updates on Cultural Heritage Management Plans underway within the Mallee CMA boundaries.

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