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Threatened Species

The Victorian Mallee is significant for its unique flora and fauna, particularly its reptile and bird species. A significant number of these species are threatened at either a state or federal level. Approximately 55 species of flora and 91 species of fauna in the Mallee region are listed as threatened under the Flora and Fauna Act 1998, Victoria's central piece of legislation for the conservation of threatened species and communities.

Four flora communities have been listed under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988:

  • Semi-arid Herbaceous Pine-Buloke Woodland

  • Semi-arid Shrubby Pine-Buloke Woodland

  • Semi-arid Herbaceous Pine Woodland

  • Semi-arid Northwest Plains Buloke Grassy Woodlands community


Two fauna communities have been listed under the Flora Fauna Guarantee Act 1988:

  • Victorian Mallee bird community

  • Lowland Riverine Fish Community of the Southern Murray-Darling Basin


The Victorian Mallee contains 11 flora and 17 fauna species which are listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), the federal government's central piece of legislation for the listing of threatened species and ecological communities. Two Ecological Vegetation Communities are listed:

  • Buloke Woodlands of the Riverina and Murray Darling Depression Bioregions (Buloke Grassy Woodlands
  • Natural Grasslands of the Murray Valley Plains


For further detail on a selection of threatened species please select from the list below:

A detailed list of all Mallee species listed as threatened in Victoria is available by clicking here. Also available is a list threatened on a  National level.

The Biodiversity Program undertakes activities designed to enhance the viability of targeted species and ecological communities, consistent with the Actions for Biodiversity Conservation (ABC) priorities. Further information on the database is available online to the general public at the DEPI website.

For further detail on a selection of projects delivered by the Program please select from the list below.


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