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Grants & Incentives

The Biodiversity Incentive Scheme (2008 - 2013)

The Biodiversity Incentive Scheme offered a range of incentives to land managers for undertaking works which contributed to the protection and enhancement of the region's biodiversity assets.  These incentives are now closed. For a summary of the five year incentives from 2008/09 until 2012/13, please click here.

Establishing a corridor linking remnant vegetation patches

 Establishing a corridor linking remnant vegetation patches.

Second Generation Landcare Grants

Second Generation Landcare Grants provide funding to local community organisations for the delivery of pest plant and animal control, salinity management, revegetation and remnant protection works, awareness raising, and education and training activities.  Grants are advertised annually in regional newspapers.  These are now closed. 

For detail on projects funded in the 2009 round please click here.

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